Care Instructions

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Resin Wicker Collections

All our resin wicker is made of synthetic polyethylene material. They are 100% weatherproof and UV treated. Powder-coated aluminum frame is strong and rust-proof.
You can clean your furniture by washing with warm water with mild soap. Do not use abrasive materials or cleansers. Please do not use pressure washer as the water jet could damage the wicker.
Maintain your furniture by having them covered during winter seasons. Always clean and dry thoroughly before storing.


Carefully open and close the patio umbrella, making sure there are no obstructions when operating the umbrella. Do not force umbrella to open or close as this could result in damage to the cords. To ensure stability of your umbrella, please observe proper placement, and use sufficient weight (base).
We highly recommend that no umbrella ever be left unattended in the open position. It’s also recommend to keep the umbrella closed during windy situations. Please not that wind damage is NOT covered under any umbrella warranty.
To store the umbrella, wipe clean the frame and fully closed the umbrella. Remove the umbrella from the base, and lay it horizontally. This will reduce the risk of damage to your umbrella, furniture, and other belongings or property.
If you fill water in the resin base, please be sure to drain the water before storing the base outside during winter.
Using an umbrella cover is highly recommended during winter seasons.


We are proud to use Sunbrella® fabrics for our cushions on all Enclover collections. Sunbrella® solution-dyed acrylic fabric is named the No. 1 choice for outdoor fabric.
Most stains on solution-dyed acrylic outdoor fabrics can be cleaned up with a mild soap and water solution. Solution-dyed acrylic fabric should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt, etc., are allowed to accumulate on and become embedded in the fabric. The fabrics can be cleaned without being removed from the piece. Simply brush off any loose dirt, etc., clean with warm water (no more than 100°F) and mild natural soap. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap. Solution-Dyed Acrylic is made from 100% acrylic fiber and is heat sensitive. When washing or cleaning, DO NOT SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE HEAT as the fabric will shrink. DO NOT STEAM PRESS OR DRY IN ELECTRIC OR GAS DRYERS. Allow fabric to air dry.
If your furniture is being used in an area where birds and trees are plentiful, having cushions covered is especially recommended.
During winter season, always clean the cushions before store in a dry, well-ventilated area.
For specific cleaning solutions, please visit Sunbrella® web page. You can find the cleaning guide for different stain on the address above with video instruction.

All Sunbrella® fabrics are engineered to combine the highest level of design and performance. For easy day-to-day maintenance of your Sunbrella fabric:
1. Brush off loose dirt.
2. Spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap.
3. Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
4. Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
5. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.
6. Air dry.
For more details, please go to sunbrella’s website

Outdoor Firepits

Be sure to wipe up spills immediately. Use a mild soap and water to clean and do not use abrasive cleaners. When the granite is wet, it may appear darker.
The burner cover is recommended to be put on when the fire pit is not in use so it can be protected from rain and dirt.
Due to the nature of the fire glass pebbles, some cracking and breakage may occur during the first 4 times of use.

Stainless Steel

Follow these steps and your furniture will look good for longer.
1. Regularly wipe down your stainless steel with a microfibre cloth to remove any cloudy build-up.
2. To clean, wash the furniture with warm soapy water using a soft cloth. A pH-neutral detergent is best.
3. Wash in one direction following the original lines in the polish. Rinse well with clean water.
4. To remove fingerprints or stains, try a 3M® Scotch Brite Pad or stainless steel cleaner.
It’s important to avoid heavy cleaning with harsh chemicals such as bleach or tools such as steel wool and metallic scrapers. These will damage the integrity of the stainless steel.

Teak wood

Natural Teak highlights the beauty and grain of solid teak. Due to natural variations in the wood, graining and color may differ between pieces. Natural Teak weathers to a beautiful silver-grey patina over time. This weathering process will vary depending on climate, exposure to the elements, and commitment to care and maintenance. Teak expands and contracts with changes in climate. Shrinking of the wood can result in hairline cracks in the assembly joints or the grain of the wood itself. This does not affect the structural integrity of the frame’s construction. We strongly recommend using our custom-fit outdoor covers to protect furniture from the elements and minimize aging


Teak is dense and has a high oil content, which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor use. The natural oils prevent rotting and provide resistance to fungus, termites and wood-boring pests. The natural oils in teak may surface as a result of exposure to rain and humidity and appear like water stains.
Oil content can vary between pieces, so oil surfacing may recur multiple times before it naturally subsides over a period of several months.
• Address oil surfacing by rinsing the frames with water and cleaning with Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner when it occurs
• After air drying, any residual stains can be lightly sanded with a 120-grit paper to remove them
• An application of Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Shield will help the wood resist moisture and staining (to address surface oil on cushions, see Cushion Care & Maintenance)


Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner and Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Shield applied at the beginning and end of each season will help maintain the original quality of teak and increase surface resistance to moisture, UV rays, mold, mildew, and food and drink stains. Application of Golden Care® Teak Protector will help maintain the original color of teak.
To keep the surfaces clean from dirt, mold and mildew, periodically hose with water and Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner, scrubbing in the directions of the grain.
For stubborn areas, use our AR Power Washer to clean. Hold the power washer approximately 30" away from the furniture and do not exceed 1200 PSI. Rinse, and then allow to sun-dry. Exposure to moisture over time can raise the wood grain. A light sanding with fine 120-grit sandpaper smooths the surface.


• Avoid letting water stand on the surface of furniture and cushions.
• As with all RH Outdoor purchases, we recommend using our custom furniture covers when items are not in use; furniture, cushions and covers should be clean and dry before covering.
• Cushions should be removed – whenever possible - before covering the frames for longer than a few days to avoid mold and mildew build-upю
• If cushions get wet, tip them on their sides with the zipper facing down and unzipped to ensure that all water drains.

Marine Grade Polymer

Polymer products, whether recycled or virgin material, are extremely durable and well suited to outdoor use. They do not require sealing, painting or staining. Polymer products will not rot or splinter and contain UV inhibitors to resist fading. They also will not absorb water and are resistant to bacterial growth. To maintain, simply wash regularly with mild soap and water and rinse with clean water to remove any soap residue. NEVER use a pressure washer on your outdoor furniture. While stainless steel fasteners are virtually maintenance free under normal conditions, coastal applications will require more frequent washing or rinsing to prevent oxidation. Avoid abrasives and the use of harsh chemicals.

What is Not Covered

• Transfer of ownership voids all warranties.
• Scratching, chipping or grout pitting that normally occurs in grouted surfaces. Moisture can be absorbed into some stone and grout, which can then freeze and cause the stone to crack. This is not covered by the warranty.
• The glass wind guard used on fire pits.
• Breakage, chipping, scratching of Punched Aluminum, Fiberglass, Glass, Acrylic and Faux Stone table tops.
• Failure caused by fire, freight damage or acts of nature (such as, not limited to, freezing, high winds or animal defecation).
• Damage caused by suntan oil, bleach or any other abrasive cleaners or chemicals.
• See care & maintenance for appropriate cleaning.
• Unreasonable or abusive usage.
• Scratched or chipped paint due to abuse (touch-up paint is available).
• Minor variations in color and texture of frame finishes.
• Normal wear and tear.
• Mildew or fading of fabric, frame finish or vinyl straps.
• Repairs made by any party other than authorized Windward personnel.
• Furniture glides and end caps. Glide replacement is a necessary function in maintaining furniture. Replacement glides are available for purchase.
• Umbrella bases
• Moving components (i.e.: fiberglass spring plates, glider arms, wicker recliner mechanisms, wheels, piston mechanism & components).
• Any shipping costs & labor regarding warranty claims after one (1) year.